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International Day of Light: Paving the Way to Brighter Days with Lumie

International Day of Light: Paving the Way to Brighter Days with Lumie
This International Day of Light, we reflect on Lumie’s pioneering contributions to the light therapy industry, paving the way to improved mood, energy and alertness!

16th May marks the International Day of Light which celebrates the importance of light in science, education and much more. Lumie has dedicated more than three decades to research, design, and development of light therapy lamps to promote circadian well-being, alleviate symptoms of winter blues, and improve performance and daytime alertness. This International Day of Light, we reflect on Lumie's contributions to light therapy innovations to date!

When did Lumie begin?

Fun fact: Lumie was formerly known as Outside In. It was founded in 1991 by Steve Hayes who had a keen interest in circadian rhythms. He travelled to Utah to source the first bright light therapy lamps which he went on to sell at Outside In. Steve was introduced to early clinical studies into dawn simulation when attending the annual SLTBR conferences, and in 1992, Outside In created the world’s first-ever wake-up light!

As light therapy began to become more popular, Outside In continued to grow, and in 2007, it rebranded to Lumie, as we know it today.

How has Lumie evolved since its founding?

Since the early days, Lumie has stuck to its science-backed mission of developing high quality light therapy devices to pave the way to best-ever sleep, mood and energy levels. Keeping this goal at its core, Lumie continues to grow and innovate.

From the creation of the first-ever wake-up light, Lumie's Bodyclock range has grown to new heights, with the added functionalities of customisable sunrise and sunset durations, FM and DAB radio, Bluetooth, and so much more.

From the Natural Alarm Clock to Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB

The development of Lumie Halo in 2020 marked a new direction of style and multifunctionality in bright light therapy, providing adjustable light colour and intensity to fulfil your needs am-to-pm. The beauty of Lumie Halo has recently been recognised with its inclusion in the ongoing Bio-Spaces Exhibition at Roca London Gallery.

In 2023, Lumie launched the revolutionary Lumie Task with incredible colour fidelity and high quality LEDs for maximum visual comfort.

While Lumie's product offering continues to grow in new directions, our brand values remain unchanged, and science-backed decisions remain at the forefront. Lumie is a member of the Society for Light Therapy and Biological Rhythms and The Good Light Group; we collaborate with advisors from the Surrey Sleep Research Centre, and are part of the ongoing EnlightenMe project, researching the impact of lighting on human health.

Lumie lights have been used by the British Swimming team and Cambridge University Boat Club, and have contributed to making more than one million lives bright! Why not check out our wake-up lights and bright light therapy lamps to bring brightness to your life and keep your circadian rhythm in check?

Bright brightness to your day with Lumie Halo