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Lumie Halo Features in Bio-Spaces Exhibition

Lumie Halo Features in Bio-Spaces Exhibition
We are delighted to announce that Lumie Halo is part of the new Bio-Spaces exhibition at Roca London Gallery, immersing attendees in the natural world of biophilic design.

With its eye-catching design, Lumie Halo brings style to your home as well as providing your daily dose of light therapy. But don't just take our word for its beauty - why not check it out for yourself? 

What is the exhibition and how can I visit?

Bio-Spaces: Regenerative, Resilient Futures is a multisensory exhibition curated by Planted and Oliver Heath Design Studio. The aim is to encourage thought into taking a nature-based approach to design as we thrive in environments which are harmonious with nature. The exhibition runs from 19th April to 30th September 2024 at Roca London Gallery and is free to attend with no requirement to book - simply walk in and be at one with nature!

Bring brightness to your day with Lumie Halo

How does Lumie Halo bring the benefits of nature indoors?

Lumie Halo is a versatile light therapy lamp which brings the natural mood-boosting powers of daylight indoors. With the functions of Day and Evening Modes, you are able to easily adjust the brightness and colour temperatures to suit your needs.

In Day Mode, Halo mimics natural daylight, delivering 10,000 lux at 20cm to boost your mood and energy, in addition to providing aesthetic lighting to improve the visual appearance of video calls. It can also help to reset and regulate your sleep-wake cycle, leading to improved quality of sleep.

In Evening Mode, Halo's restorative reduced-blue light, inspired by the amber hues of a sunset, creates a naturally serene environment, allowing you to relax and unwind, making it ideal for use later in the day before bedtime. To elevate your light therapy experience even further, Halo has an ambient backlight which can be lit on its own, or stay switched on whilst the main light remains in Day or Evening Mode.

If you are keen to bring sunshine and style into your home, look no further than Halo!