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Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
Task Charcoal Blue
5.0 (6)
10,000 lux at 15 cm for a mood and energy boost, high-quality LEDs with CRI 95+ for reduced eye strain, dimmable, neck, stem and head adjustability. More info
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Charcoal Blue. Timeless, deep, intriguing and versatile.
Charcoal Blue
Golden Yellow
Sage Green
Steel Blue
Mist White
1 working day £7.80 / 2 - 3 working days Free
3-year warranty
45-day trial
The first of its kind
Features that will help you shine
10,000 lux
Bright light therapy for winter blues relief, improved mood and enhanced energy levels
Eye care
Even spectral light distribution for maximum visual comfort
High-end broad-spectrum LEDs, almost identical to sunlight
Capacitive slider for ON/OFF
and brightness adjustment
CRI 95+
High-contrast lighting allows to see objects, text, and textures as they really are
Highly adjustable
Head, neck + stem adjustability
For video calls
Focus and appearance-enhancing
Choice of colours to transform any space, enhance clarity and nurture a greater sense of well-being
Natural energy
Task helps fight fatigue, improve focus and beat the afternoon slump
Designed in Cambridge
Top build and light technology from light therapy experts
Crystal clear illumination
High-quality broad-spectrum LEDs with CRI 95+ for clarity - excellent for fine detail work
Great choice for home,
workshop or office
Research shows Task’s lighting technology offers both eye protection and an enhanced visual experience.
The lamp’s broad-spectrum LEDs, with balanced red and blue components and high CRI, mimic natural daylight for maximum visual comfort. Combined with healthy eye habits, like regular breaks and proper screen ergonomics, Task helps to reduce vision strain and promote eye health.
Miss Radhika Rampat
MBBS BSc (hons) FRCOphth
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Planet-friendly packaging
Using a mix of paper, cardboard and biodegradable plastic alternatives, Task’s high-quality box doubles up as a shipping carton.
Optimised for sustainability
In place of lengthy user manuals, you’ll find simple and interactive guides included inside.
All you need to do is pick a colour
We’ll take care of everything else.
  • Functions: Closely mimics natural daylight
    CRI 95+ for clarity and visual comfort
    Dimmable and easy to use
    Neck, head and stem adjustability
  • Light Source: High-quality broad-spectrum
    cool white
    LEDs (5000K), UV-free
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Light Source
Light Source

High-quality broad-spectrum

cool white

LEDs (5000K), UV-free

LED bulb, blue-enriched white, UV-free


Closely mimics natural daylight

CRI 95+ for clarity and visual comfort

Dimmable and easy to use

Neck, head and stem adjustability

Tap-control lighting
Four light levels

Treatment time
Treatment time
Treatment time

10,000 lux at 15cm
Start with 30 minutes a day with the light at full brightness, positioned at arm's length (approx. 50 cm) and the head upright at 90°.
1,500 lux at 50 cm

10,000 lux at 20 cm and without diffuser
Position Desklamp at arm’s length (about 50 cm) with the head angled towards your face. Without the diffuser – typical treatment time is 30 minutes. With the diffuser – 60 minutes.
2,500 lux at 50 cm and without diffuser
1,250 lux at 50 cm and with diffuser


Removable diffuser
Adjustable neck


1.69 kg

1.78 kg (3.92 pounds)


18 cm

20 cm (7.9 inches)


17.5 cm

29 cm (11.4 inches)


55 cm

50 cm (19.7 inches)

Medical Device
Class IIa

Lumie is certified to ISO 13485 Medical Devices, QMS standard. Lights must pass rigorous safety tests and be supported by clinical research to meet the Medical Devices Directive EC93/42/EEC.

Task — Charcoal Blue
Task — Golden Yellow
Task — Sage Green
Task — Steel Blue
Task — Mist White